Knowledge & Skills: Makeup Website

Project: You may use 20% of your entire semester class to work on a project of your desire.

My love for theater, the rich South Asian culture, photography, and makeup has collided into my dream project: Creating my very own makeup website.

Now, a makeup website may seem typical but this website will be unlike any out there. Most South Asian websites are usually brightly colored — just like Bollywood itself — but this website will be the complete opposite: It will be black. This black is inspired from the professional feel of website like MAC and Sephora. But this dark color will be accompanied by a rich and bold color palette ranging from blacks to bursts of golds, grays, as well as a pop of red. This mix will give my website a professional yet “glam” feel.

The dramatic theater make up blended in with the bold South Asian style and great photography will make this website come to life.

Here is a link if you want to check out the website that I have created.

Skills Gained


  • Skin smoothing

Through this project, I leaned a lot about Photoshop. I am especially proud of my skill to smooth skin while keeping the natural texture of the skin so it doesn’t look fake. I used this skill so much, now the algorithm is very natural to me. This effect is achieved through inverting the image, implementing a h”high pass” and “Gausian Blur” filter and then using a mask with the opacity set on low to smoothen the skin while keeping the natural texture of the skin.

  • Spot Healing Tool also learned how to use the “spot healing tool” to make smoothen out the things that even the “invert” method couldn’t fix.


  • Color saturation

Many makeup artists are very detail oriented and a lot of the times, the pictures don’t capture the true colors of their work. For this I learned how to use overlay to bring colors to life.


  • Through this project, I got comfortable in using the basics of HTML and CSS that we learned in class. Bu the end of the project, I had an easier access to tools. For example; by the end of the project, I could easily recall that the padding and margin code goes from top to right to bottom and finally, to the left.
  • Advanced in how to create a website from scratch.
    • How to center divs, learned about managing padding, margins.
    • Learned to create different shaped divs

If you want to know more about the skills I learned or are interested in a detailed description of the web-developing and designing  process, click here.



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