Knowledge & SKills: SunPower Internship

Through ITA, I was able to apply for a position as a communications marketing intern at a local solar company, SunPower. I was chosen, through an interview process.

Throughout this 8-week internship, I got to work alongside professionals and create spreadsheets and research projects that compared the SunPower website  with those of our competitors and also offered ways to improve it.

What is Commercial Marketing?

  • The purpose of Commercial Marketing is to reach out to customers, and produce carefully analyzed data and facts to convince different types of customers (homeowners, district heads, teachers etc).
  • As a part of marketing, competition is an automatic aspect. Thus, one in Marketing must always keep an eye out for competitors (by researching their websites etc) to make sure to not fall behind.
  • Successful marketing is the key to a successful business.


My awesome boss and I.

My Role At SunPower

  • I accomplished our goals of reaching out to appropriate audience with the appropriate data in a project called ”solar @ Community Colleges” where I helped identify potential customers.
  • I accomplished our goal to outdo our competitors by doing detailed researches on their websites and sustainability reports to figure out anything (even something as small as a web designing technique) that they may be doing that is beneficial to attracting customers.


Tools Used

In my numerous projects, I used a lot of Google sheets, Outlook, Google Drive and a lot of internet searches for our numerous research activities.

SunPower was my first job in the real world. Though it had little to do with what I want to pursue in the future, I learned a lot about the professional life and know that these skills will help me in the future no matter what I choose to pursue.




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