Communicate: SunPower Presentation

At the end of my internship at SunPower, (for more detail about this program and my role at SunPower click here) we had a small informal snack time where we invited the entire office and they came in and listened to us present our posters as we spoke about what we gained through working at SunPower.

Skills Gained

  • Presenting at an office

I have presented quiet a bit at school but the atmosphere of presenting at an office is much different. Through this experience, I started to feel more comfortable with presenting to such successful adults.


  • Found my style

As mentioned earlier, this presentation was atypical compared to my other presentations. Through this presentation, I found my professional style. Not only through dressing but also through speaking. I found my style of sounding professional and educated and also managed to implement some humor.

Sammar Poster Template.pptx

Here is the poster which I made and presented at this event.

  • Perseverance

As you can see from the tissue  in my left hand from the featured image, I had REALLY BAD allergies on the day of my presentation. But I still managed to put on a presentation that I was really proud off and learned to persevere through any barriers.

At the end of the presentation session, we ended the evening with all warm chats with the office employees.


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