Collaborate: Game of Ages Project

Project: Imagine you and your group are a video-game developing company. You are going to create a company, come up with a name and a logo, and design a website for this video game.

This is one of my most proudest project that I worked on. Though it is quiet tacky (now, looking back, I have learned a lot more to try to improve this website.) I am in love with the creativity of this project.

For this project, we worked in a group of approximately 5 students to create our own video game company. We came up with a company name — Pangaea  as well as a a company logo. Our project was then to create a website to sell this video game.


Company logo


I was in charge of the home page. As our video game was set in the destructive time of civil war in Cuba with Castro, I came up with a full screen, destructive and smokey background for our webpage that featured the island of Cuba. At the very top, there is a huge silhouette-type and villainous drawing (created in illustrator by me) of Batista. In the upper-right corner, we can see Castro trying to climb up into a helicopter.

The Process


79EF86A3dark sky

(Above: the original images)


(Above: My alterations to the original images as I merged the two together)

Castro’s Uniform


To the left are the stamp as well as the bag that I used to give Castro a realistic look.


What I think is so interesting about this scene is not only the obvious chaos and destruction but also the fact that this scene is set in the air!

Accompanying Castro and Batista are around 6 helicopter. But what I like about these helicopter (also created by me) is that the are scattered onto the screen and each one is actually a link. As you can see above.

Though this project is messy, I admire the ambition of our team to put together such an amazing piece of art with such limited skills during our sophomore year.


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