Collaborate: T-Shirt Design

This was also another collaborative project I did with Abia Syed. Our project was to create an empowering t-shirt design from scratch. I believe that the most empowering thing is to believe in oneself so we came up with idea to make a t-shirt design all focused on the self. Thus the sentence, “The world is an awesome place CUZ I’M IN IT!!”


I created the main character, who we named Mathew J.J. Jones. My goal was to give Mathew a very laid back “swaggy” style. Hence the baseball cap, sunglasses, headphones, and bright colors.

Skills Gained

Digital Drawing

I am extremely proud of the end design because I learned a lot about drawing with detail on a screen. I found digital drawing to be a challenge for myself but Mathew required so much precision just in the shoes that I got tons of time practicing my balance as I drew onscreen.


Through this project, i also learned how to export fonts from online and implement them into my own work.


Drawing Mathew wasn’t easy, as digital drawing was already hard for me, I often messed up the proportions, I made Mathew head too small for his body. Through such problems, I had to figure out a way to enlarge his head without resizing his body.


The creativity, and humor of this project made this project one of my favorite projects.


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