Collaborate: Beach Attack

Project: In order to set sail in the coding world, you must create a game of your liking in Scratch.


I worked alongside Hong to create this video game. My inspiration came from games I used to play as a kid. I had an idea to create a game about bullies. The bully (guy to the right) is trying to drown the victim (guy to the left) and the pint of the game is that You have to make sure that the mom of the victim (who is very busy enjoying the scenery, doesn’t catch you – the bully)

beach attack.PNG

The Process

After coming up with an idea for the project, I set work by starting to draw the characters, their different expressions as well as various position. For example, the mom with her back to the kids as hearts surround her symbolizing how much she is enjoying the scenery, her face when she thinks something is going n as question marks surround her, and her angry face, in case the bully gets caught. I had to do similar variety of expressions for all the characters.

Throughout the drawing process, I had to pay a lot of attention to the surroundings. I had to make sure the colors of the characters didn’t look too fake on the background. I had to make sure, the kids’ body seamlessly blended in with the ocean etc.

I also added some background details to make the scenery come to life. For example, the bush in the lower right corner, the beach ball, and even the birds that are flying.

The challenges/ Skills Gained

One thing that was challenging was making the characters play together well to make the game feel real. For example; We had to alter the x and y axes quiet a bit to make sure that the bully actually touched the victim when drowning him.

Another huge challenge was the mom and her turning. The game would have not made sense if the mom turned around say every ten seconds. The game would be too easy. That’s why we had to make the mom turn (n technical words, the costume of the mom should change from costume one to costume two randomly). To do so, we had to mess a lot with the randomization toggles until we finally figured it out.

Thought this project isn’t perfect, I am extremely proud of what we did and the creativity of the design of the game.


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