List of Activities & Acheivements


  1. Dance production: 4 years. 10-15 hours/ week. I was one of the few people to be a member of the ECHS dance since freshman year. I, through audition, advanced from jazz I to jazz II, apprentice, ensemble and currently senior ensemble. This is something I dearly treasure as I had no prior dance training and am now a member of the most advanced class offered at El Cerrito High.IMG_3293.jpg

I have choreographed many pieces for our semester shows. Every year,  I also perform with the company at Solano Stroll, Halloween performance at school, and we also put on a show for Korematsu Middle School.


2. SASU: 2 years. President (2016-17). Treasurer (2014-15). In SASU, we are planning to raise donations for South Asian education, take part in events like the annual carnival and also host a free Henna class where we will being in a professional Henna artist to teach interested students how to apply Henna.

Recently, I had my club organize a lunch event in which we set out a table in the quad and did free henna for people. I did this event for free because I didn’t care much for the money. My main goal with SASU is to get the cultural significance out there. Especially with the current events.

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3. Textbook Room Volunteer: 2,000+ hours of volunteering.~3 years. Barcoding, stamping, check in, check out, inventory.

4. Makeup: 6 years. Self-started informal business. Hours depend from 2-5 hours/week. especially enjoy makeup. It is an outlet for my creativity and because I taught myself through hours of Youtube makeup tutorials, it makes me feel independent. I now apply makeup for special events and also teach my sister.


For more details on my work as a makeup artist, click here.

5. Sun Power Horizons: 3 hours/ week. Chosen intern (through an interview process). Field: Commercial Marketing. I worked with professional marketers and researched through our competitors, found ways to outdo them and keep in competition as well as found potential customers and outlined/ researched appropriate information for each type of customer.

6. MSA: 3 years 1-3 hours/ week. Since freshmen year, I have been involved in cultural clubs such as Muslim Student Association (MSA)  and South Asian Student Union (SASU). I was also the treasurer of SASU my sophomore year and am currently the president of SASU.

7. Mock trial: 2-3 hours a week. I joined Mock Trial my senior year because I wish to understand the mind and behavior better as well as how to persuade other even if they don’t want to be persuaded (which happens a lot in court). I was unaware that this organization existed as I was always in search of something to build up my argumentation and leadership skills

8. Library Volunteer: ~3 years. I have gotten a lot of my community service by helping out in the library and textbook room. I started helping out (bar-coding, stamping, check in, check out, inventory and more).

9. Masjid Ar Rahman: 4 years. 1 hour / week. Help at my local Mosque. Vacuum, serve food.

10. Tutor3 years. Hours vary. I tutor (unpaid) for my friends who are in college and also friends in high school. I help with English Math, and psychology/ Sociology etc. I have also been teaching English to my relatives (on and off) who live in Pakistan.



  • JGPG-Awarded the Joe Goode EXCAVATE Summer Scholarship, 2016 (not a money scholarship)
  • Awarded the ECHS May concert senior solo (chosen from 18 people as one of the top 4)
  • Best Zombie Dancer, First Place, 2016
  • Outstanding Achievement Award for Mock Trial competition, 2017
  • AP Scholar Award, 2016
  • Excellent Student Award, 2014
  • Excellent Student Award, 2015
  • National Science Fair Contest- 2nd place: 2011
  • Leadership Award, 2015
  • Participation Award for Mock Trial, 2017
  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from Mark DeSaulnier
  • Recipient of West Contra Costa Retired Educators Scholarship Fund ($2,ooo)
  • Recipient of  Captain John Spencer scholarship ($9,000)
  • Recipient of EC branch of the NAACP ($1,000)
  • Recipient of EdFund: Whittier Education Foundation Scholarship ($4,000)
  • Recipient of Richmond Promise ($5,000)
  • Recipient of EC Faculty Scholarship